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Debt portfolio expertise in your industry

Qualco’s scalable technology and servicing expertise improves debt portfolio management across multiple industries.

Financial services
As TCF and regulatory agendas become the key focus over and above performance and cost pressures, effective debt portfolio management has never been more crucial.
DCAs & debt purchasers
Understand the full complexity of your portfolio, and get a clearer picture of the obstacles you face by utilising Qualco’s approach to debt portfolio management.
In a volume-driven business with different regulatory pressures and the increase in cost of living for consumers, effective receivables management has never been more critical.
With margins continuing to be eroded it is key to improve recoveries whilst minimising churn, and those best at managing back-office cost will be at a distinct advantage.
With consumer debt reaching pre-credit crunch levels, use Qualco’s intuitive technology platforms to ensure you apply the correct treatment strategy for each customer.