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Proactive receivables management

Improve performance with Qualco’s unique receivables management solutions.

Transform your organisation

In a volume-driven business, effective receivables management and reduction in provisions for uncollected bills can become a major headache.

Qualco makes proactive bill management a simple and effective part of your operations. Our scalable platforms provide the segmentation, modelling and analytics capabilities to transform your organisation.

Transform your organisation

Why choose Qualco?

Performance measurement
A holistic approach delivers maximum efficiency at consistently low costs across your customer portfolio.
Continuous segmentation
Continuous segmentation and modelling recalibration highlights strategic opportunities on a daily basis.
Advanced modelling
Identify your optimal action sequences by setting modelling parameters quickly and easily.

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Operational efficiency

Qualco’s solutions help you explore a wide range of possibilities while enjoying operational efficiency and process automation.

  • Qualco's intelligent modelling unlocks human capacity while pushing the boundaries of your analytics capabilities – so you can try different models without human investment.
  • Qualco IntraCollect is your platform for the direct management of your customers and cases. It is scalable, flexible, and quickly integrates with third-party systems.
Operational efficiency
End-to-end management

End-to-end management

Qualco’s ExtraCollect and PortfolioManager tools maximise the effectiveness of our partner network and substantially contribute towards workflow-driven collections and operational effectiveness.

  • Take advantage of advanced modelling capabilities.
  • Launch new campaigns with no effort.
  • Fast assignment / recall process.
  • Monitor and measure performance at all times.
  • Seamlessly integrate with DCAs and law firms.

A holistic approach

Whether you need to oversee internal collections or external asset and panel management, our end-to-end solutions automate and streamline operations across the entire debt lifecycle.

Contact Qualco

With offices around the world, we’ve always got an open door. Contact us to discuss your debt portfolio management needs.

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