Our partner network

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Qualco’s network of specialist outsourced partners

Using ExtraCollect clients can reduce their supplier base to a sole contracting entity yet gain access to more than 25 specialist outsourced partners. Qualco identifies the most appropriate partners based on the characteristics of an individual portfolio, as we know which partners excel in a particular industry sector or at a certain stage of the debt lifecycle.

Every Qualco partner is required to adhere to the Qualco File Transfer Process, which can be viewed and adopted by anyone who wishes to use it here.

Benefits of using our partner network

Reduction in contracted entities
Contract solely with Qualco yet gain access to all of our outsourced partners.
Better insight
Gain a higher degree of insight and oversight into partners’ activities through the Qualco client portal
Performance uplift
Both in overall collections and the speed of collections as each account is allocated to the most appropriate partner