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Fully outsource your panel management

Qualco’s PortfolioManager service takes away the administrative burden and resource required of managing a panel of outsource partners. Furthermore; you can benefit from Qualco’s knowledge and expertise to ensure the right partners are procured for best in class performance across your portfolio. An optional service layer for ExtraCollect, PortfolioManager is the intellectual capital and human resource component, whereby the Qualco Team add value to the strategic decision making process. The uplift results are even greater and in some cases, in the region of 100%.

Why supplement ExtraCollect with PortfolioManager?

Advanced Tools
The ExtraCollect platform has been designed to encapsulate business rules and parameters which in turn are automated as much as possible. This removes operational distractions from the Qualco Team and enables them to fully focus on strategic decision making. The platform enables allocation changes to be made instantly; new partners can be added to a portfolio at the touch of a button.
Niche Placements
Supplier rationalisation will reduce operational overheads and oversight requirements but it can reduce the collectability of the overall portfolio if niche placements are required. Not with Qualco as we will allocate a portfolio accordingly to our panel of partners. On some portfolios, accounts classed as niche (deceased, insolvent, suitable for litigation) could account for up to 20% of the overall composition.
Comprehensive training will incorporate all aspects of how to use ExtraCollect, including query management, invoice reconciliation, interpreting management information and business intelligence. Benefit from learning from the outsourced partners and their collections approach to assist you in your own internal collections process, leading to a reduction in accounts being outsourced.

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PortfolioManager Benefits

Strategy design

Based on Qualco’s unique position of working across multiple industry sectors, we are able to:

  • Design bespoke strategies.
  • Execute changes to strategy based on market conditions or regulatory changes.
A modern approach
Loan management capabilities

Partner monitoring

Qualco establishes positive and productive relationships with outsourced partners.

  • Information security.
  • Ongoing audits.
  • Oversight and governance.

Performance management

The ExtraCollect platform enables the client, Qualco and the partners to monitor performance in near-realtime. We are constantly in touch with the partners to discuss performance and enhance strategies.

  • Regular review meetings, both onsite and virtual.
  • Champion/Challenger models deployed.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Best in class performance.
A modern approach
Loan management capabilities

Partner selection

Working with more than 25 partners enables us to have a broader view of the partner base than most clients will have.

  • Initial partner identification.
  • Initial due diligence.
  • Onboarding onto client panel.
  • New partner introduction.

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