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Optimise the effectiveness of your panel

Qualco’s ExtraCollect solution is a panel management platform with proven capability to achieve results you never thought possible. Whether you are about to embark on a procurement project to outsource collections, or you are seeking to consolidate your current panel, ExtraCollect will give you access to Qualco’s extensive network of agency partners with the option to have only one supplier relationship to nurture (us!). Leverage our advanced placement, monitoring and benchmarking tools and you will achieve standardisation, efficiency and new levels of effectiveness.

Optimise allocations
ExtraCollect will optimise placements to the right partners at the right time
Enjoy peace of mind as ExtraCollect meets stringent compliance regulations
Easier procurement
Enables easier procurement and onboarding in DCA management

Consider combining ExtraCollect with Qualco’s PortfolioManager service; a fully managed solution enabling clients to outsource overall panel management responsibility to Qualco for even greater uplift results.

What we provide to our clients:

Panel Management - Executes recoveries operations from high-risk performing, early-stage delinquency to legal & recoveries

Portfolios - Supports all industry sectors, from Retail unsecured to Mortgages and SME loans, as well as non-banking debt, including debt purchase

Channels - Enables & optimises segmentation & allocation of all available treatment channels (early arrears, litigation providers, DCAs etc.)

Analytics - Utilises ‘out-of-the-box’ data-driven analytics to predict customer behaviour and optimise treatment strategies

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End-toend efficiency

How ExtraCollect works

Talk to a Qualco technology expert

ExtraCollect Business Benefits

Unified platform across all collection and recovery portfolios.
Wide choice of outsourced partners, immediately available.
Client driven operations and management with low IT involvement.
Consistent performance measurement and reporting, including supplier oversight.
Facilitates 'right account' to the 'right partner' at the 'right time'.
Cost reduction and productivity improvement. Collect more with less.
Maximised recovery potential and enhanced liquidity

ExtraCollect Technology Benefits

Deploy scalable and configurable platform to effectively manage any portfolio size, with easy additions of further portfolios.
Works with clients' own file formats and frequencies with minimal IT requirement on client side.
Vendor independence
Self-service tools allowing clients to extend and customise the system with no vendor involvement
Design 'segmentation, strategies and channel' business model, then focus on monitoring automatic execution and calibrating.
Monitor & improve productivity/financial performance through NRT reporting & analysis tools and build-in Data Warehouse.
Cloud technology, reduces hardware and software costs. Increased availability. Highly secure.

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