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Renovate your internal collections team with intuitive software

Qualco’s IntraCollect solution is perfect if you are looking to improve the performance of your internal collections team. Clients have reported up to a 35% increase in collections by using this platform, which offers advanced decision-making tools enabling you to put your internal resources to best use, maximising their effectiveness and protecting you from escalating collection costs. The platform has been designed to adhere to all relevant legislation and regulation governing the collections industry.

Qualco IntraCollect is a complete end-to-end product:

Credit Lifecycle - Executes operations from high-risk performing, early-stage delinquency to recoveries & legal

Portfolios - Supports all market sectors including banking & finance, utilities, retail & telcos and all lending products

Channels - Enables & optimises utilisation of all available treatment channels (in-house or outsourced, legal offices, DCAs, etc)

Analytics - Utilises out-of-the-box data-driven analytics to predict customer behaviour and optimise treatment strategies

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End-toend efficiency

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IntraCollect Benefits

Easily integrated

IntraCollect is easy to integrate with any dialler services.

  • Includes any third party call centre dialler systems.
  • Uses simple plug-and-play technology.
  • Build on your current supplier partnership.
  • Or choose a provider from Qualco’s extensive network of servicers.
A modern approach
Loan management capabilities

Seamless delivery

IntraCollect is delivered to suit the way you work with minimum disruption.

  • Choose Software as a Service, paying only for what you use or host the solution on your own site.
  • Leave the planning, design and delivery to Qualco.
  • Minimum disruption and greater business effectiveness.

Intelligent data

Intelligent data display for compliant account management.

  • Ensure the most current, compliant and important information is displayed to your agents.
  • Historical data is available at the touch of a button to provide a complete picture for highly effective account handling.
A modern approach
Loan management capabilities

Enhanced flexibility

The perfect solution for flexible portfolio and strategy management.

  • Enabling users to set up, implement and monitor strategies through a proprietary, workflow-based interface.
  • Highly intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Easily adapt, compare and amend collection strategies.

Better analytics

The platform offers improved data accuracy for more meaningful analytics.

  • View all your data in one place.
  • Easier to use and enhanced accuracy of analytics.
  • Data integrated into just one location.
  • Consistent information across all your systems.
A modern approach
Loan management capabilities

Simplicity is best

IntraCollect makes for simpler client data management.

  • Reduces time and effort.
  • Manage all client data through a single interface.
  • Handles multiple file formats concurrently.

IntraCollect Capabilities

Collections Management
Optimised execution of debt management operations supporting multiple clients/portfolios, products and treatment channels.
Ease of Integration
Quick and flexible uploading of multiple clients and portfolios with no vendor involvement.
Multi-Channel Engagement
Engage with your clients through various channels, offline or online, and with standardised communication templates.
MI & Analytics
Monitor & improve productivity & financial performance through real-time reporting, analysis tools and built-in Data Warehouse.
Web Integration / API's
Smooth integration with generic & off-the-shelf APIs for reduced vendor dependency.

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