“They help our customers regain financial health on fair and reasonable terms”
“Every customer is looked at individually and matched with the right partner”
“We know our customer data is secure and in safe hands”
“They’ve saved our team hours and hours of work”
“Qualco has been the perfect partner as we scale our business”

Hello, we are Qualco UK

Between our team we have worked for decades in the business of helping clients treat their customers fairly and back on the road to financial health, whilst optimising their collections.

We know what challenges you are faced with in managing (or appointing) your outsourced panel.

Whether you want to retain full control, or you would like us to do it all for you (or somewhere in between), we can optimise your customers’ financial health and your collections and recoveries process. Either way, ExtraCollect – our technology platform – will increase your collections and reduce your administrative costs whilst providing your customers with the highest level of service, more choice and control on how they pay back their debt, and enhanced levels of protection.

In the UK we are entrusted with more than 7.5m customer accounts, totalling more than £9bn AUM, including secured, unsecured, consumer and commercial. We would like to help look after yours.

“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.”*

With multiple partners to oversee and manage, even the simplest tasks become ever more complex and time consuming. Our ExtraCollect platform removes the mundane, repetitive elements whilst adding intelligence. It has been painstakingly designed to optimise the use of outsourced partners and it makes it look so easy!

*said Albert Einstein

Qualco ExtraCollect Infographic

Who are your perfect partners?

Truth is, you might not have met them yet. ExtraCollect will securely receive your portfolio and its powerful algorithm will identify which partners are best suited to your specific account segments. On a daily basis your accounts will be allocated to the most appropriate agencies you have approved. That’s how we drive our clients’ collections success beyond their expectations.

Gain more control

Partners report their activities back into ExtraCollect each day, so clients enjoy near real-time oversight of their portfolio performance. Accessed via our intuitive online portal, you will benefit from up-to-date management information and business intelligence, consolidated across all your partners. Monitoring the customer journey from a Conduct Risk perspective is much easier with the data all in one place.

A brand you can trust

From the security of your customer data – stored at IBM data centres, here in the UK – to delivering a seamless customer journey on your behalf, you can trust Qualco to uphold your values and prerequisite levels of control, as expected by industry regulators.

We are obsessively driven by three things

To help your customers regain control over their finances

To enhance levels of customer protection and satisfaction

To reduce your administration overheads and increase your collections