High volume, low balance

High volume, low balance accounts are characteristics of a telcos portfolio, so it can often be uneconomical to employ a large collections operation. Qualco has considerable experience in this sector, and with its large panel of performing partners, clients have enjoyed unexpected levels of revenue collected. The introduction of White label, BPO style partners, which can be quickly put in place to focus on reconnection opportunities, which in turn result in lower churn rates.

Access to 30+ specialist partners with minimal overheads

Qualco’s ExtraCollect platform enables access to more than 30 partners, with minimal overhead costs. All of whom are compliant, fully audited and each of their customer activities is visible via the Client platform at the end of each day. With specialist deceased and insolvency partners at your fingertips, collections will reach their maximum potential.

How ExtraCollect works

How ExtraCollect Works Infographic