Simplifying panel management

Do you find the management of your outsourced panel a challenge?

With multiple partners to oversee and manage, even the simplest tasks become ever more complex and time-consuming. Your attention is diverted to often-repetitive tasks and away from the more important, strategic elements. This is where ExtraCollect from Qualco can help.

Go from this…

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How ExtraCollect works

How ExtraCollect Works Infographic

Secure, seamless & scalable

We use IBM data centres (within the M25), to host ExtraCollect, as the security, scalability and uptime are second to none. Qualco opted for a ‘private cloud’ environment, in keeping with our ISO27001 and Cyber Essential Plus credentials. There is no need for direct integration with ExtraCollect, the technical development (on the client side) is intentionally kept to an absolute minimum, and it can be deployed in as little as 8 weeks. That even includes the full reconciliation of your back book of legacy accounts, training, configuration and support.

We have clients across multiple industry sectors



Financial services


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What our clients enjoy

Clients benefit from up-to-date management information and business intelligence, consolidated across all partners. Delivering consistent, comparable accurate and actionable insight.

Account level activity, delivered daily, ensures clients have sufficient oversight of their panel’s activities. This ensures the prerequisite levels of control, as expected by industry regulators, are in place and demonstrable.

In addition, Qualco streamlines often time-consuming processes such as DCA query management (completely handled in real-time), through a web service, in the Client portal, via work-queues; and DCA invoice reconciliation, whereby Qualco will calculate and consolidate DCA invoices, presenting the Client with a single invoice, encapsulating all Agency charges.

The benefits of ExtraCollect

Increased, expedited collections

Reduced administration overheads

Enhanced levels of customer protection & satisfaction

Near real-time management information

Placements are easily controlled

New partners can be added immediately

Prerequisite levels of control in place and demonstrable

Why PortfolioManager might interest you

Unsure as to how best manage your portfolio? Whether you just want to bounce ideas, or want to fully outsource strategy design, Qualco can assist through the introduction of our service layer, PortfolioManager.