Why Qualco?

The ultimate guide to why ExtraCollect will be the best decision you make

So… you’re interested in ExtraCollect but you’re not yet convinced? That’s ok. Allow us some time to convince you, and this is all based on what our current clients told us about their journey in deciding to deploy the ExtraCollect platform. Get ready, let’s dispel some of those myths!

#1 Panel management is expensive.

Clients tell us that they are in a better net position by deploying Qualco ExtraCollect.

#2 Our recoveries are already optimised

A telecoms provider experienced a 100% increase in monthly recoveries compared with previous performance across its portfolio.

#3 I lose control of DCA oversight.

With Qualco’s solutions, you gain more control and deeper insight. Every action/communication on every customer account – across all DCAs – is easy to view through the ExtraCollect Client portal.

#4 There is a complicated on-boarding/file structure process.

A change in platform and processes may seem daunting at the outset, but Qualco does all the heavy lifting. We onboard new clients in 8-12 weeks, accommodating their existing data and file structures. It is no more intrusive than onboarding a DCA. Once clients make the change to Qualco ExtraCollect, they never look back.

#5 Changing strategy takes too long.

Clients love how quickly they can make strategic changes to DCA placements, allocations, or commission rates on the Qualco ExtraCollect portal. Once the changes are made on the portal, they are deployed overnight and in action the next day.

#6 I lose sight of what happens to a customer.

You gain more customer insight. The Qualco ExtraCollect platform offers full visibility of all customer communications – letters, emails, telephone calls and SMS messages - provided at customer account level across all DCA partners.

#7 We do all of that ourselves.

We know ☺ Feedback from clients who have made the switch is that previously their internal solutions were time consuming, resource intensive, costly, and/or inefficient. They also included manual processes which introduced a high degree of undesired risk. Qualco ExtraCollect works like an extension of your team, negates all the pain points, and can substantially increase net recoveries. Win, win, win!

#8 I don’t have enough accounts yet.

Don’t worry, we work with Clients prior to them launching their proposition to the consumer. They take the view it is ‘better to have the umbrella ready for when the rain comes.’ There is no minimum (or maximum) number of accounts the platform can handle. It scales up as your volumes increase.

#9 Our portfolio is too complex.

No account is too complex for the powerful engine of ExtraCollect. Throw at it as many segments, placement rules or parameters as you can; it will allocate your portfolio to the best placed partner and drive forward the success of your collections strategy. Our clients report that they can drill down much further on their customer data using our unique portal and collect monies on accounts they’d have written off. We can do the same for you.

Once you’ve taken the leap, you won’t look back.