Optimise your collections strategy

Unsure how to best manage your portfolio?

Whether you just want to bounce ideas, or want to fully outsource strategy design, Qualco can help. Used in conjunction with ExtraCollect, our optional service layer PortfolioManager offers a more thorough assessment of your accounts.

How PortfolioManager works

How PortfolioManager Works Infographic

Harness Qualco’s intellectual capital

Benefit from the collective intellectual capital of Qualco, together with the power, security and scalability of the ExtraCollect platform. In addition to designing the strategy, Qualco will undertake performance management of the partners and recommend changes to strategy where appropriate, in order to optimise performance.

The benefits of PortfolioManager

Tailored strategy design

30+ partners proven to deliver

Collections are optimised

Easy to change partners

Full control over portfolio is retained

ExtraCollect + PortfolioManager = Optimum results

PortfolioManager is optional but it is dependent on ExtraCollect being in place. ExtraCollect is Qualco’s collections technology platform, which allocates portfolios to outsourced partners, providing clients with complete oversight on all account activities.