Delivering the DMS and DRS Frameworks

Qualco is supporting HM Government in the delivery of the Debt Management Services (DMS) Framework and the new Debt Resolution Services (DRS) Framework. Both frameworks have the following key objectives:

Better access to private sector debt collection services
Increased efficiency and effectiveness of debt management
Commercial and socially responsible strategies
Market leading, value for money services

DMS/DRS Framework users and debt types

Potential users of the DMS and/or DRS Frameworks include; Central Government Departments, medium-sized Government Departments, small-sized Government Departments and ALBs, NHS Trusts and Local Authorities. Potential debt-types include:

Commercial/business debts

Former and current tenant arrears

Housing benefit overpayments

Sundry Debts Icon

Sundry debts

Adult social care

Council tax arrears


Harnessing Qualco services

Framework users will gain access to Qualco’s third party network, which will deliver the following services under the Framework:

  • Analytics services (cleansing, enrichment, scoring and segmentation, data insights, reports and bespoke analytics
  • Debt collection (ethical approach to FCA standards)
  • Litigation and enforcement
  • Bespoke debt services

Qualco manages a diverse supplier base in order to provide the required services, in alignment with HMG’s Fairness Principles.

How ExtraCollect works

How ExtraCollect Works Infographic

Access to specialist partners with minimal overheads

With such a complex portfolio, harnessing Qualco’s ExtraCollect platform affords the Government access to a range of partners delivering a variety of services. All of whom are compliant, fully audited and each of their customer activities is visible via the Client portal on a daily basis. With specialist providers offering data and analytical expertise, collections, deceased account management, litigation, enforcement and insolvency services at your fingertips, collections will be delivered fairly and reach their maximum potential.