Qualco completes hat trick with Tesco Mobile, Express Gifts and Akinika

10 March 2015 | Newsdesk
Qualco participates in a €9bn NPL project for the Bank of Greece

Tesco Mobile and Express Gifts have appointed Qualco as their preferred outsource partner in order to gain better insight into their customer debt portfolios and enhance their collections activity. Furthermore, akinika has confirmed it will implement Qualco’s collections platform to enhance its operations.

Qualco provides panel and asset management software analytics that enables both creditors and debt collection agencies to streamline collections activities and realise the value of their portfolios, and its appointment by these firms will have a positive impact on its future growth and recruitment of staff.

Express Gifts will use Qualco’s Extra-Collect platform to manage its assets and recoveries processes across its debt collection agency panel. Extra-Collect recommends the best placement for each asset type, reliably monitors efficiencies and ensures compliance.

Tesco Mobile will also use the Extra-Collect platform in addition to Portfolio Analytics on its delinquent portfolio. Qualco’s experienced business analyst team will interrogate their customer data, applying statistical sciences and data mining techniques to give a 360 view throughout the credit lifecycle and understand the value of any future debt sale.

Qualco will provide its Intra-Collect platform to akinika, a debt collections agency who are part of Capita PLC. akinika’s decision to invest in a new collections system came from their ongoing drive to make akinika as easy as possible to do business with for each and every client and customer. Qualco demonstrated its ability to deliver on all the functional requirements. But over and above this, they showed a commitment to working in partnership to evolve the system over time to support akinika’s growth ambition.’

Christian Jacob, Managing Director at Qualco, said:

“To confirm three such significant partnerships at the start of 2015 demonstrates the substantial progress Qualco is making in the UK credit management and recoveries marketplace. We are delighted to be working with all three brands and we are confident we can bring greater clarity and insight into their customer accounts for increased efficiency and rehabilitation.”