Qualco UK publishes its latest File Transfer Manual

16 November 2018 | Newsdesk
Qualco UK publishes its latest File Transfer Manual

Qualco UK has published its File Transfer Manual for a fourth year running. The publication includes Qualco’s file transfer process, which has been rigorously developed and tested by its experienced technical team, and guarantees conformance in the transfer of customer data.

The Qualco Manual is available as a digital resource here, and it contains its technical specification for the exchange of data between originators and their collections agencies. A printed version can also be requested by emailing marketing@qualco.co.uk.

The specification is adopted by its panel of 30+ agency partners, all of whom have been certified for their achievement and quality in meeting specified guidelines for the transfer of customer data.

This year’s Manual includes information on Qualco ExtraCollect’s system upgrade, alongside an Alpha Bank case study in which a 235% increase in paying customers was achieved, and a Q&A with new business advisor, Richard ‘Dicky’ Davies.

Christian Jacob, Managing Director at Qualco, said, “Data excellence is critical to our existence and we have long championed best practice in the collection and transfer of data. I am pleased to make the Qualco Manual and its file transfer process widely available again to the industry, and we look forward to its continual development into 2019 and beyond.”