Debt Sale Module

Enhance your debt sale strategy

The Challenge

Looking to optimise pricing yet retain oversight and control of your portfolios?

Debt sale can form an important part of a holistic collections and recoveries process. Equally, it can be complex, time consuming and perceived as high risk. Let Qualco help make debt sale more effective and efficient whilst enhancing governance and controls.

How it works

Debt sale placements can either be segmented from your existing portfolio on Qualco's ExtraCollect platform (following DCA placements), or can be loaded fresh, ready for sale. The team at Qualco can help identify suitable purchasers, assist with due diligence, create the final sale file and securely transfer the data to the successful purchaser(s) on either a spot sale, or forward flow basis.

Following the sale, you can request purchasers report their transactions and activities back into ExtraCollect, enabling you to see all collections activity undertaken, at account level and also monitor performance. Any post-sale queries are managed through the online Client portal and all recourse/putbacks are managed centrally.


No longer are ad hoc spreadsheets used to keep track of debt sales, rather a robust, secure and scalable platform with built-in controls and performance analytics is deployed optimising and streamlining the associated processes. Additional segments and purchasers can be easily introduced without losing oversight or insight.