Meet the Team – Andy

20 February 2023 | Newsdesk
1. Do you have any pets; if yes, what are they and what is (are) their name(s)?

Yes, I have a dog called Willow, who is a three-year-old golden working Cocker Spaniel.

2. Tell us something nobody knows about you.

I used to sail and race yachts in the Baltic Sea with the military.

3. Who is the most famous person you’ve met?

Not sure who is the most famous of these three, but I had lunch with [comedian] Harry Secombe, when I starred on the TV show ‘Highway’, I had a drink with [former professional footballer] George Best, and I also met Hugh Bonneville in my local pub after we watched the film ‘Paddington Bear’, in which he stars!

4. Describe your job/role at Qualco in three words (or five words if that seems a little short!).

Varied, interesting and busy.

5. In another life, if you weren’t doing your current role at Qualco UK what would you be doing?

Serving with the Life Guards as part of the Household Cavalry.

6. What’s something an outsider wouldn’t know about your industry?

It is more regulated than people think and all about treating the customer fairly.

7. What is your guilty pleasure?

I love going to my local pub for a nice pint of ale and a catch-up with friends, especially when there is rugby on!