Meet the Team – Jane

12 April 2023 | Newsdesk
1. Do you have any pets; if yes, what are they and what is (are) their name(s)?

Unfortunately, my cat recently died. But I am hopeful that soon I will have two new kittens, and they will be called Elvis and Missey.

2. Tell us something nobody knows about you.

Don’t know if I want to share this!

3. Who is the most famous person you’ve met?

I met [former professional footballer] Peter Crouch on the beach.

4. Describe your job/role at Qualco in three words (or five words if that seems a little short!).

People-centric, changeable and evolving.

5. In another life, if you weren’t doing your current role at Qualco UK what would you be doing?

I would probably be living in another country and selling ice creams by the beach.

6. What is your guilty pleasure?

Going to the café on a Sunday morning or a jacket potato, opened and filled with dobs of butter, covered with a can of Heinz spaghetti bolognese and then topped off with grated cheese – NOW THAT’S A LUNCH!