Qualco ExtraCollect helps Sigma achieve 13% collections uplift on sub-prime book

6 April 2017 | Newsdesk | News

In a recent assignment, Qualco helped The Sigma Financial Group achieve a 13% uplift in collections on an amalgamation of sub-prime debt portfolios it acquired via M&A.

Sigma acquired the book just as it was turning its focus to expanding its operations into providing a range of outsourced business process solutions. Consequently, the firm quickly considered its collections options after a brief internal collections strategy followed by five or six external DCA placements.

Sigma employed Qualco’s ExtraCollect technology platform, supplemented with the optional PortfolioManager service layer, to extract further revenue from the portfolio. Qualco’s involvement helped Sigma achieve a 13% uplift, plus it improved metrics related to customer insight, customer treatment and understanding the full debt lifecycle. You can read the full case study here.

Gary Gilburd, Chief Executive Officer at The Sigma Financial Group said, “We have been immensely pleased with the results! The 13% return far exceeded our expectations and we are continuing to work with Qualco on a number of projects where their enthusiasm and expertise has been hugely impressive.”

Qualco could do the same for you. Contact Jan-Michael Lacey at jlacey@qualco.co.uk for a no-obligation discussion on the capabilities of the ExtraCollect platform.