Qualco Manual safeguards transfer of customer data

8 June 2021 | Kelly
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Qualco UK has published its updated file transfer process manual, which is available to request via post or online at www.qualco.co.uk/manual.

Qualco has managed more than 9m customer accounts on behalf of its clients since its inception in 2012. In its role as the intermediary between originators and collections agencies, Qualco is at the forefront of the industry in championing best practice in the collection and transfer of data.

It first published its file transfer specification in 2015, offering it up to any organisation who wished to adopt it whether or not a business relationship was in place.

Its technical specification has been rigorously developed and tested by Qualco’s experienced technical team and guarantees conformance with all regulation in regard to the transfer of customer data.

The specification is adopted by Qualco’s panel of more than 30 agency partners, all of whom have been certified for their achievement and quality in meeting specified guidelines for the transfer of customer data.

The Qualco Manual also offers several articles, insight and analysis of the collections sector.

One of the features takes a holistic view of the 8m customer accounts that Qualco manages and what trends have been identified, such as average customer payment amounts, number of payment months, and average balance.

It also offers a look at the Seven Pillars of the Qualco business; the teams people can expect to come into contact with as clients, partners or prospects, and who leads them as well as consideration of how Power BI has transformed Qualco’s ExtraCollect platform, and the rich level of insight clients now enjoy into their accounts at ease.

A special feature shows how Qualco’s partners adapted to homeworking during the first lockdown and beyond.

Qualco’s Managing Director, Christian Jacob, said, “Data and data security underpins everything we do, so it is critical that we continue to develop our framework for the safe transmission of customer information. It makes sense to offer our file transfer process method to the industry at large; it is an established specification for transferring data that offers peace of mind and proven operational effectiveness to any company who wishes to adopt it.”

If you wish to receive a hard copy, please email marketing@qualco.co.uk.