Qualco UK unveils major platform update to offer enhanced visibility of accounts and rich data insight

24 October 2018 | Newsdesk
Qualco UK unveils major platform update to offer enhanced visibility of accounts and rich data insight

Qualco UK has today unveiled a major platform update of its ExtraCollect service. It will offer clients and partners a more intuitive user interface (UI), enhanced visibility of customer accounts, and richer data insight.

ExtraCollect is a panel management platform that gives clients access to more than 30 agency partners with proven capability to reduce costs, optimise allocations and enhance collections results. Version 1.5 is released following a successful beta testing period in partnership with one of Qualco UK’s clients. It is the beginning of a two-year investment and upgrade plan to develop a brand new platform.

The new release is designed to empower clients in their collections strategies. Its new UI look and feel is more user friendly, making it simpler for clients and agencies to find the information they need to make faster, more effective decisions.

The application boasts greater attention to detail on the usability flow, which focuses more on the user journey from start to finish using gamification principles to encourage user engagement and organisational productivity.

ExtraCollect now offers enhanced functionality, including:

  • Optimised for mobile devices – the portal has been developed in HTML5 and as such access can be via smartphones and tablets
  • New reporting front end – a clean and modern upgrade for Qualco’s Recoveries Solution
  • I&E – capture and storage of competed I&E forms. Agencies will now report the content of completed I&E forms which will be visible in the customer screen. This will enable clients to check affordability measures
  • AgentID tracking – every agency activity will be tracked back to the individual agent. As such it will be possible to analyse individual agent’s performance
  • Subject access requests – one-click solution to collate all the date required to respond
  • Search function – available on the entry dashboard the user can search any client reference and it will search results from the entire platform in less than a second

Deeper insight and analysis into customer accounts, and a 360’ view of each account under service throughout the collections lifecycle, will be unique attributes of the new release.

Qualco’s managing director, Christian Jacob, explains the motivation for a review: “Customers have made it clear that traditional approaches to managing and processing data to deliver an effective collections and recoveries strategy leave critical gaps. In response, Qualco’s latest version of the ExtraCollect application includes all the tools required to enable better decision making. For example, SAS and SAP BusinessObjects are integrated within the application to provide enhanced insight and reporting at no extra cost to the user.

“It is our aim to deliver the richest set of data with the highest level of detail to our clients. The continual evolution of Qualco’s ExtraCollect platform is evident in this rich release of new capabilities, built-in close collaboration with leading customers and agency partners to provide a better user experience with rich data insight.”