Introducing ‘Togglit’, powered by Qualco

3 April 2024 | Newsdesk
TogglIt - splash screen 1

Togglit is a brand new suite of tools, powered by Qualco, designed to help those consumers with multiple debts understand more about their consolidated position.

Additional functionality will be added to Togglit and it will comprise many useful elements, including:

– Affordability assessments (both questionnaires and open banking)
– Income maximisation – delivered through a third paty partnership
– Inform once, notify many – vulnerability notification
– Repayment calculator
– Third party support signposting
– Communication preferences (method/time)
– Open banking payments
– DCA placement streamlining (multiple client accounts placed with the same DCA, where possible)
– Credit repair help

Togglit is consent driven and seeks to minimise the number of third party servicers a customer may be referred to. This approach should help reduce the amount of stress a customer may experience.

Further information can be found at