Qualco UK expands team as it onboards new clients

15 June 2020 | Newsdesk
Qualco UK Expands Team

Qualco UK has appointed five staff members, growing its team, following a succession of significant client wins.

The company provides panel and asset management software and analytics to optimise collections on behalf of clients in the financial services, utilities, telcos and home shopping sectors. The onboarding of new clients, including the UK Government, presents Qualco with a varied portfolio of accounts including commercial, tenancy arrears, housing benefit overpayments, sundries, adult social care, council tax arrears and probate.

Viplavi Erkan joins the team as Project Manager, Client Services, initially to focus on new client on-boarding, and will go on to develop the client services team to deliver a seamless experience across Qualco’s client portfolio.

Viplavi is a familiar face to the Qualco team, having held the role of Head of Strategy at partner The Sigma Financial Group from 2011 until 2015. Her most recent role was Head of Strategy & Design for BT.

Data Analysts Anantharajan Muruga Narayanan and Andrei Sava joined Qualco’s analysis team, delivering analysis and reporting to clients and panel members.

David Smith has been appointed as a Developer to drive the advancement of ExtraCollect v2, David has moved from South Africa and brings a wealth of experience in software development and analytics. Lorena Martinez also joins the development team as Junior Developer, following a move from Spain to the UK to embark on a new career path.

The recent recruitment follows the launch of Qualco’s queries team, set up as an outsourced function that handles DCA queries on behalf of one of its energy clients.

Meanwhile, the company is seeking a Compliance Manager to work alongside the Head of Risk and Compliance, James Goddard. Interested applicants should contact: hr@qualco.co.uk.

Christian Jacob, Managing Director of Qualco, said:

“We are delighted to welcome new faces to the team! Strengthening our client services operation and expanding our development team is a crucial step in scaling the business to support our growing client base. We look forward to making them feel part of the team!”