Qualco UK to host industry roundtable to discuss I&E assessments

7 August 2018 | Newsdesk
Qualco UK to host industry roundtable to discuss I&E assessments

Qualco UK is to host an industry roundtable in association with CCR Magazine, which will examine the use and effectiveness of income and expenditure (I&E) measurement. The event will take place in November, meanwhile the collections industry is invited to take part in a short I&E survey.

I&Es are extensively used within the industry as a way of assessing the financial situation of a customer, but there are major questions around how and when to carry them out in full.

Stephen Kiely, editor of CCRMagazine, said: “I&Es are certainly an important tool, but there seems to be little common thinking over when it is important to do a full assessment, and how the information should be recorded.

“And now there are several interesting initiatives being considered that might allow for some form of sharing of the information, which could potentially have the significant benefit that the customer would not subsequently need to go through the same conversations repeatedly.”

Qualco UK head of sales, Jan-Michael Lacey comments: “Qualco has more than 30 agencies on its panel, so I&Es are a frequent topic of conversation in terms of sharing data in order to improve efficiencies and enhance the availability of customer information. We look forward to welcoming peers to the roundtable and would be grateful for as many responses to the research survey as possible.”